The lifting equipment shall be checked before installation

1 equipment technical documents should be complete;
2 the type, specification and quantity of equipment, materials and accessories according to the equipment's packing list shall comply with the requirements of design and equipment technical documents, and shall have the factory certificate and factory test record;
3 the equipment should be free of deformation, damage and corrosion, in which the wire rope shall not have corrosion, damage, bending, ring, twisting section, crack mouth and loose phenomenon;
. crane ground track foundation, crane beam and installation embedded parts location coordinates, elevation, across the length and surface flatness shall conform to the requirements of the design and installation of;
5 rail auxiliary design before the end of the rail to the surface, straightness and distortion of the inspection, qualified rear can be laid.
The above contents are according to the actual work of the problems encountered in the arrangement, for reference, if there is a problem please timely communication, correction.


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